The number of homes we have installed ventilation systems in over the last 8 years is in the thousands and the fact that much of this work comes through recommendation and repeat business speaks volumes for how our customers rate our services.

We have the expertise and capabilities to carry out any and all works involving residential ventilation; however, here is an overview of the most common services and solutions we provide:


Condensation Dampness Solutions

We have an excellent track record in diagnosing and providing solutions for condensation dampness in properties. If you are a Private Homeowner or Landlord and your property has symptoms such as black mould and streaming windows, please contact us for a free survey or visit the website of our dedicated service Damp2DryHome for further information on how we tackle this problem.
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Heat Recovery

The most effective way of ventilating new-build properties with low air permeabilities is MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery). We can provide full design, supply, installation, commissioning and certification of these systems and have extensive experience in successfully doing so. By taking full responsibility for all five of these key elements, our clients view us as a welcome, simple alternative to having responsibilities split between a number of parties (e.g. manufacturer, design engineer, installer etc.) which can complicate matters.

Repair and Maintenance

All mechanical ventilation systems require some form of servicing or maintenance. We can carry out the servicing of any type of residential ventilation system, from the annual maintenance of MVHR units to changing the filters on a PIV system every 5 years.

With our specialist knowledge of the wide range of products available from the main manufacturers, we can also diagnose faults and repair or, if required, replace units.


In addition to our installation-based ventilation services, our Degree-qualified technical specialists can provide a range of consultancy services. These range from carrying out a detailed survey and providing a technical report on an existing MVHR system to giving a CPD seminar on the regulatory requirements of a Social Housing Provider. 

For further details on our consultancy services, please contact us.